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PUB DATE:  JULY 15, 2015

Brett and Emily’s story, whom readers fell in love with in THE HEART OF THE DUKE
is now available for Pre-order!

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An American businessman in England, Brett Curtis has little use for the haughty ton beyond seeing his sisters happily entertained in London. But when his cousin mysteriously disappears after inheriting the title of Duke, he sets out to locate him and drag him home.

 Lady Emily Chandler plunged into deep despair when her fiancé died in India, and now she is determined to prove that he was murdered. The brash American Brett Curtis's reputation may be less than sterling, but he's just the man to help Emily on her quest--if she can convince him to accept her dangerous proposition.

 While their alliance uncovers a web of scandalous secrets, their undeniable attraction threatens to reveal something even more dangerous: true love.



“Do come in. Ignore all my warnings, and make yourself comfortable,” he said drily.

“Oh, please, it is not as if you have never had a woman in your room before. I am sure that I am not the first and—”

“But you will be the last if we are caught,” he snarled, but hastened to amend his words. “Not that I am admitting to entertaining any women in my room—” Swearing beneath his breath, he began again with strained patience. “We will not discuss this. Or rather, refuse to discuss this.”

She simply laughed. He was adorable, rumpled haired and bad-tempered. A half filled glass with a decanter beside it caught her eye. She strolled over to the table on which they sat and picked up the crystal tumbler. “Why don’t you finish your drink? It might relax you. You know, it is usually the other way around, with the woman needing her nerves to be calmed.” When he refused to rise to her bait, she shrugged and took a sip. It was port. “There are other means to relax a man—”

“Devil take you!” He stalked over to her, grabbed her by the upper arms and yanked her close, his face but inches from hers. “You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But you forget, you are in a lion’s den now, and you’d best be careful or...” He released her as if her skin had burned and staggered back, his expression appalled.

“Or what?” Intrigued, she sidled closer to him, laughter bubbling up within her.

“Never mind,” he bit out between clenched teeth. He snatched the drink from her, drained it and then strode to the hearth—across the room from her. “If you have something to discuss, I suggest you do so before—”
 “I know, I know. Before we are discovered and my father shoots you.” With a sigh, she slipped off the ridiculous mobcap, plopped into the large easy chair beside the table, and curled her legs beneath her.

This seduction business was proving more difficult than the murder investigation.